Adam Twidell


Carol Cork


Ben Watts

Finance Director

Our people

Matt Barber

Head of European Sales

Alex Peake

Head of VIP Sales

Philip Lodge

Sales Manager (US)

Jordan Oates

Sales Manager (EU)

Nicholas Combes

Sales Manager (EU)

Alexandre Perfetti

Flight Advisor

Bradley Spence

Flight Advisor

Kristian Lee

Senior Flight Advisor

Herminio Fuenmayor

Senior Flight Adviser

Adrien Chantreuil

Flight Adviser

Gianluca Cioffi

Flight Advisor

Wasim Omar

Flight Adviser

Johan Calmon

Flight Advisor

Zach Rankin

Senior Flight Adviser

David Quiroga

Flight Adviser

Anthony Angelini

Flight Adviser

Eli Buford

Flight Adviser

Chloe Heathfield

Trip Manager

Filippo Bardelli

Trip Manager

Richard Hardy

Chief Technical Officer

Michael Whitman

Full Stack Developer

Andrew Bedziak

Junior Front End Developer

Daniel French

Junior Front End Developer

Viv Diprose

Head of Communications

Alex Nott

Digital Marketing Director

Charlotte de Beaumont

Marketing Manager (Europe)

Nicole Wilke

Marketing Manager (US)

Hannah Needs

Head of Business Development

Joe Breeze

Business Development Executive

Zena Robinson

Finance Manager

Jess Blackman

Accounts Assistant

Natasha Tough

Accounts Assistant


Fur-st Officer
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