Top private jet routes that mean business

The benefits of private jet charter are enjoyed by both private and business flyers. Depending on the time of year, the balance between private aviation for leisure and corporate private jet usage shifts in dominance.

During the summer months, Europe sees a peak in leisure-related private jet activity, which settles back to business in September.

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We work clients across many different corporate sectors, who choose private aviation for optimal business efficiency. Here are some of the most popular business aviation city pairs, and how much it costs to fly by private jet:

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Paris to Geneva by private jet

Paris Le Bourget is the busiest private jet airport in Europe, dedicated to business aviation. The route between Paris Le Bourget and Geneva takes the business traveller into the heart of Europe, connecting two of the most important cities for business and finance. 

Paris to Geneva from 4,300 EUR in a Citation Mustang (4 seats).

Moscow to Nice by private jet

Moscow’s busiest private jet airport is Vnukovo, which is exclusively for business aviation flights. The private jet pairing between Moscow and Nice in the Cote D’Azur is a popular year-round routing for business, particularly for the real-estate sector. 

Moscow to Nice from 26 450 EUR in a Citation XLS (7 seats).

London to Frankfurt by private jet

London ranks as Europe’s busiest private jet city, with a choice of 14 different airports for private jets. Flying into Frankfurt Main airport from London Luton is a popular corporate choice, offering 24 hour access to and from two key global economic centres. 

London to Geneva from 6,670 EUR in a Citation Mustang (4 seats).

Milan to Rome by private jet

The domestic route in Italy connects its two most important business destinations - the fashion capital of Milan and the official capital of Rome. In overall European terms, this short hop ranks steadily as one of the busiest private jet routes. 

Milan to Rome from 4,070 EUR in a Citation Mustang (4 seats).

London to New York by private jet

Transatlantic flights by private jet are fewer in number than intercontinental flights, but nonetheless the private jet pairing of London and New York is a regular routing for PrivateFly’s clients doing business in both directions. London Luton and New York Teterboro airports see the most traffic for this business route. 

London to New York from 80,400 EUR in a Cessna Citation X (8 seats).

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