The Most Popular Private Jet Routes In Europe Infographic

Private jets can depart and arrive from ten times as many airports in Europe than scheduled airlines. A significant benefit of using private aviation is being able to use smaller, local airports which reduces ground transfers, and any direct routing is possible.

However, there are key private jet airports and routes in Europe that consistently rank as the most popular - for both business and private jet travellers.

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PrivateFly has analysed the top ten private jet city-pairs in Europe, using average monthly data* from the first six months of 2013. See more details on our Top 10 European private jet routes

Here are the most popular private jet routes in Europe, looking at flight performance in both directions, and how they compare to last year:

PrivateFly's Most Popular Private Jet Routes In Europe Infographic - An infographic by the team at PrivateFly

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