Rugby World Cup: Private Jet Charter

The 2019 Rugby World Cup takes place from September 20 to November 2, 2019 in Japan. This is the first time the competition will take place in Asia.

Private jet travel to Japan for the Rugby World Cup allows sports teams and individuals; fans and corporates to travel fast and direct; and to move around between stadium venues during the competition.

Our expert team can arrange private jet charter to any of the Rugby World Cup 2019 matches, ensuring you never miss a game - and can travel in comfort and VIP style.

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Japan by private jet - Rugby World Cup 2019

PrivateFly can arrange direct private flights between Europe and Japan in ultra long range jets such as the Bombardier Global range or the Gulfstream G650.

We can also advise on flights within Japan, or between Japan and other destinations in Asia - or globally.

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Private jet airports in Japan - Rugby World Cup 2019

Most of the stadiums in Japan that are hosting Rugby World Cup events are less than an hour's drive from an airport. Here are the closest airports to each of the official match venues:

Tokyo Stadium, Chofu: Tokyo Haneda Airport (50 minutes drive)

Yokohama International Stadium, Yokohama: Tokyo Haneda Airport (30 minutes drive)

Hanazono Stadium, Osaka: Osaka International Airport (30 minutes drive)

Toyota Stadium, Toyota: Chubu International Airport or Nagoya Airport for domestic flights (both 50 minutes drive)

Sapporo Dome, Sapporo: Shin-Chitose Airport (35 minutes drive)

Misaki Park Stadium, Kobe: Kobe Airport (20 minutes drive)

Shizuoka Stadium ECUPA, Fukuroi: Chubu International Airport (2 hours drive)

Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium, Fukuoka: Fukuoka Airport (6 minutes drive)

Oita Stadium, Oita: Oita Airport (1 hour drive)

Kumamoto Stadium, Kumamoto: Kumamoto Airport (15 minutes)

Kumagaya Rugby Stadium, Kumagaya: Haneda de Tokyo Airport (1 hour 30 minutes drive)

Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, Kamaishi: Hanamaki Airport (1 hour 20 minutes drive)

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Official map of the Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 venues (Image: Rugby World Cup Limited)

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