How to fly "back in time" and celebrate New Year Twice

- PrivateFly offers the ultimate New Year’s Eve private jet itinerary, allowing you to experience the start of 2019 twice, in both Sydney and LA

- Clients can choose between the VIP Wellness or Festive Flight package, each offering a range of luxury inflight amenities

New Year’s Eve can pass in a flash. Before you know it, the long-awaited party is over and you’re waking up to the start of another year. But what if you could fly back in time to celebrate it twice over? It might sound like something from a movie, but with PrivateFly’s ultimate private jet itinerary, those with the stamina (and budget) can do it for real.

With an ultra long range private jet and careful scheduling, dedicated partygoers can enjoy a full evening and celebrate the countdown to midnight in Sydney, before flying eastwards on a private jet to do the same all over again in Los Angeles.

By minimising travel time and flying on a Gulfstream G550 with a bespoke itinerary, it’s possible to celebrate New Year in both places, says the private jet booking service. With the world rotating at 1,038 miles per hour, the time in LA is 19 hours behind Sydney. So if you can travel between the two in less time than that, you can effectively arrive several hours before you left.

Carol Cork, marketing director of PrivateFly, comments: “This is the ultimate way to see in 2019, in two of the world’s most iconic locations. The flight time from Sydney to LA in a Gulfstream G550 is 13.5 hours, so with the 19-hour time difference, you get to replay over 5.5 hours of party time, by flying eastwards.

“This unique flight experience is only possible by private jet, as the timings are so tight – and there are no airline schedules to fit the itinerary.”

PrivateFly is also offering a choice of two VIP inflight experiences: The Wellness or Festive Flight package.

If you opt for the Wellness package, the private flight attendant will prepare the cabin’s lighting and temperature controls for the optimum restful flight experience, with deluxe bedding in the cabin’s master bedroom area and on the further flat single beds. There are designer pyjamas and slippers for each passenger; luxury skin care and masks; detox juices; and a VIP vitamin-packed catering menu.

Alternatively the Festive Flight package is for those looking to continue the celebrations at 45,000 feet, taking advantage of the aircraft’s high-spec music and entertainment systems; decorations in the cabin; and decadent inflight catering options featuring caviar, cuvée champagne, and made-to-order dishes such as fresh lobster, or lamb tartare.

New Year’s Twice travel itinerary:

  • 20:00, 31st December 2018, Sydney: Start the evening on the ground in Sydney, Australia, at one of the city’s glamorous nightspots or VIP parties.
  • 12.00, 1st January 2019, Sydney: Be among some of the first in the world to welcome 2019, with a view of the famous harbour fireworks.
  • 02:00, 1st January 2019, Sydney: Depart Sydney Kingsford Smith airport in a Gulfstream G550.
  • 20:30, 31st December 2018, Los Angeles: Land in LA, where the night is still young and there’s time to head to your party of choice.
  • 12:00, 1st January 2019, Los Angeles: Welcome the start of 2019 for the second time, in Los Angeles, California.

Flight cost: Whole aircraft charter cost $255,500 Sydney – Los Angeles (one-way). Or from $31,950 per person, if a group of 8 passengers book and travel as a group.

About PrivateFly:

PrivateFly is a leading booking platform for on-demand private jet charter and part of Directional Aviation's OneSky group of companies. With over 7000 aircraft integrated worldwide, PrivateFly combines innovative technology with a team of aviation experts, available 24/7 - making it faster and easier to arrange a private jet, wherever and whenever you want to fly.

PrivateFly holds Argus Certified Broker and Wyvern Broker best practice accreditations and is a preferred partner of Virtuoso, the world's leading luxury travel network. Established in 2008 and with its UK head office in St Albans and a US office in South Florida, the company’s fast growth has been recognised by a number of award programs including the Financial Times FT1000, The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 and SME Export Track 100.

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