Bordeaux Merignac Airport

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Bordeaux MerignacAirport is located 10km to the west of the city centre of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is the ninth largest city in France.As an important economic and tourism centre in the Aquitaine region of France, many events drive private jet activity to Bordeaux Merignac airport. This has allowing Bordeaux Merignac airport to expand its dedicated offering for private aviation services (including turbo probs and pistons, private jets, and helicopters).

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An airfield was first established in Bordeaux Merignac in 1917, and the French Air Force also used the site as a training location.

During the Second World War, the airport was taken over by German control, and was used as a base for maritime reconnaissance.The creation of its wide paved runway in 1938 allowed heavily loaded German aircraft to depart from the runway. The base was then attacked by the US Air Force and the RAF in 1943.

In 1951 Bordeaux Merignac airport was taken over by NATO for use by the US Air Force, and the building of a modern air base began.The US military retained a presence at the airport until 1961, when control was handed back to France.

Landing at Bordeaux Merignac Airport


Based 10km to the west of Bordeaux, the airport is reached in 15 minutes by car from the city centre, via the A630 autoroute.


Airport codes: LFBD/ BOD
Elevation: 162 ft (49m)
Runways: 2 asphalt runways (05/23 & 11/29)
Runway length: 3,100 metres & 2,415 metres
Latitude : 44.828611
Longitude :-0.715277
Altitude : 51 metres