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Paris Le Bourget Airport is Europe's busiest business aviation airport, dedicated exclusively to private aircraft.

With the largest number of private jet charter terminal facilities of any European Airport, the airport is the premier choice for private flights in and out of Paris.

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The closest of Paris's three airports to the centre of town, Le Bourget is a true hub for business aviation. With numerous private terminals to choose from, each offering exceptional levels of service, passengers can expect a seamless and rapid transfer onto their aircraft.

Without the considerations of commercial flights, aircraft can taxi and take off in the fastest possible time.

A large number of PrivateFly's aircraft operators are based at the airfield offering many aircraft types available for charter to destinations worldwide.


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Paris Le Bourget Airport History

Paris Le Bourget has a rich aviation history. It was Paris' first and only airfield until the opening of Orly in 1932.

In that time, it saw a number of historic events, arguably the most famous and seminal being the arrival of Charles Lindbergh's famous transatlantic flight. Arriving in Paris on May 21st 1927 after his 33 hour flight, Lindbergh became the first man to make a solo crossing of the Atlantic in the famous biplane, the Spirit of St Louis.

The airport also has seen the first and only ever arrival of Hitler in Paris, and in 1961, the Russian ballet Dancer, Rudolph Nureyev defected to the West at the airfield.

The airport stopped all commercial operations in 1977 and has since then been dedicated to private aviation only.

Paris Le Bourget Airport Location

Paris Le Bourget Airport is situated in Le Bourget, just 11km North East of central Paris.
The airport is located 20 minutes drive from the city centre with direct motorway, rail and helicopter transfer connections.
The airport is also the location of the French Air and Space Museum, as well as a major office of the French Civil Aviation Authority.

Paris Le Bourget Airport Facts

Call sign: LFPB/LBG
Lat: 48° 58' 10.00" N
Long: 002° 26' 29.00" E
Elevation: 218 ft
Runway distance available: 3000m (9843ft)

Le Bourget has 8 FBOs, including one large exclusively VIP airport terminal. Each offer the following facilities:
Direct ramp access
Spacious passenger facilities
On-site customs and immigration clearance
Access to nearby hotel facilities
Private lounges and conference rooms
Fuelling services for aircraft
Hangar facilities for aircraft

In addition, there are also specialist executive aircraft catering companies based at the airport, ensuring that catering made to specification and of the very highest standard can be provided on board each aircraft.

Paris Le Bourget Airport in Film

Due to the privacy that Le Bourget enjoys as a business aviation-only airfield, it has featured in a number of films, such as "Angels & Demons", "The Spirit of St. Louis", "The Da Vinci Code" and "From Paris with Love".

Private Jet Charter Slot Availability

As a dedicated business jet airport, Le Bourget does not have slot restrictions. With 55,000 private aircraft movements a year, it is the busiest business aviation airport in Europe, and has the capacity to grow.

Paris Air Show

Paris Air Show is one of the largest Air Shows in the world, featuring 2000 exhibitors, 138000 trade visitors, and 3000 journalists. Held biannually it is an important fixture in the aviation calendar, seeing numerous new aircraft announced.

The show features 140 static display aircraft and many more aircraft performing fly-bys and stunts, in a spectacular show.

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Paris Le Bourget Museum of Air & Space

Paris Le Bourget's Museum of Air & Space includes a huge collection of aircraft, rockets and spacecraft. Visitors can see the Soyouz spaceship, step on board the Concorde prototype 001 and Concorde Sierra Delta, and watch presentations on the Ariane 5 rocket and the Apollo 11 mission.

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paris le bourget Runway Length

paris le bourget in France has a runway length of 9843 feet and is suitable for Small props, Small Jets, Regional Airliners, Medium Jets, Long Range Jets, Large Airliners.

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