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The Pilatus PC-24 - Private Jet Charter

The unique 'Super Versatile Jet' from Swiss manufacturer Pilatus is a 4-6 seat light jet, and one of the selected aircraft types available on our Light Jet Card.

Overview Summary

The Pilatus PC-24 is a business jet aircraft, made by Swiss manufacturer Pilatus - which has taken many of the characteristics of its popular PC-12 turboprop, and wrapped them up in a jet.

With better short field landing ability than any other jet aircraft, it can access many more airports than other jets. It can even land on unpaved or grass runways for certain types of flight mission.

The PC-24 is also notable for its excellent cabin and luggage space - with a wide cargo door giving easy access for loading and unloading. This also makes it popular for air ambulance and humanitarian missions.


  • High-performance jet
  • Unique, short field landing ability
  • Comfortable and stylish interior
  • Large luggage hold with wide cargo door

Comfort & Size

Inside the Pilatus PC-24, the flexible cabin can be configured as a 6-seater with plenty of luggage space (up to 10 bags) or as a 4-seater with a further expanded luggage hold. The cabin is spacious and visually appealing, with a refreshment area and private restroom.


ModelPilatus PC-24
ClassificationMidsize Jet
Speed440 kts
Range2035 nm
Luggage Capacity90 cu.ft.
Interior Height1.55 m
Interior Width1.69 m