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The HondaJet is Honda's first foray into aircraft manufacturing, featuring its characteristic quality and efficiency.

Overview Summary

Following its certification in December 2015 and a 10-year development process, the HondaJet is now a reality. A major order by one a top 'air taxi' charter operator in February 2018 is set to dramatically increase its charter availability in Europe in the near future. The HondaJet Elite was launched in May 2018 with added range, taking it to 1,437nm.

The HondaJet incorporates a number of unique features, the most noticeable being its unusual wing-mounted engines. These allow greater cabin space and dramatically improve fuel consumption. Combined with the innovative 'natural laminar flow' wings, the aircraft is 25 - 30% more fuel-efficient than rival aircraft, which makes it able to operate at lower operational costs.

The HondaJet is also notable for its range of eye-catching livery colours.


  • Innovative and cutting-edge technology
  • Relatively spacious cabin
  • Personal side-seat amenities
  • Highly cost-effective

Comfort & Size

The innovative aircraft design features over-the-wing engine mounts which maximise the space and comfort in the cabin. It features a large, spacious cabin with club seating and personal side amenities. The aircraft seats 5 passengers comfortably.

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