Onboard Your Private Air Charter Service

Once on-board your executive jet, your time is your own.

PrivateFly will already have ensured your every preflight request has been taken care of.

So you have time to relax, work, eat or sleep. You set the pace and the schedule to maximize your time on board with the utmost privacy and comfort.

Private Jet Catering

There are no rules or set menus with your private jet in-flight catering. PrivateFly is ready for your challenge: Be it a surprise birthday cake in the shape of your house or Nutella and strawberry sandwiches on wheat free bread for your children! Order, and we will do our utmost to have it on-board for you.

Private Jet Cabins

Executive jet aircraft can vary in comfort levels and on-board facilities. From executive shuttle configurations to VVIP luxury or indeed basic cargo aircraft, PrivateFly gives you access to them all. But the interior of your chosen jet does not have to be a surprise, view our extensive images of the actual aircraft that are tendering for your flight.

On board atmosphere

Executive jet charter means you decide on the atmosphere and mood. There are no small children kicking your seatback, or cabin crew waking you up for mealtimes. Take time out and be left completely alone or play music as loud as you like and party, you decide - it's your aircraft.

In-Flight entertainment

Larger private jets will have a full range of in-flight facilities available for your use. From DVDs, satellite phones, high-speed internet access to full scale bath rooms and bedrooms. PrivateFly will allow you to browse all the options for your jet hire, compare prices and book the aircraft that best suits your requirements.

Family security

Keeping your family safe is our number one priority. Number two is our customer service. PrivateFly never assumes, we check and then re-check. Your aircraft will be flown by professionals who understand and have signed up to our stringent safety standards. Flying with PrivateFly, your security is paramount.

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